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New Sierra Single Fishing Kayak Ocean Kayak Canoe Seat Paddle Blue Black White

AU $324.00
Remaining: 27d 15h 14m

New Sierra Single Fishing Kayak Ocean Kayak Canoe Seat Paddle Camo Kayak

AU $324.00
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27M Fishing Kayak Single Sit on Red Free Melbourne Delivery
27m Fishing Kayak Single Sit On Red Free Melbourne Delivery

AU $390.00
Remaining: 29d 13m

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A Quick Guide to Buying Kayaks

Kayaking is a really fun sport or hobby that anyone can enjoy. It's a great way to get out on the water, enjoy nature and also get a bit of good exercise in the meantime. The good thing about taking up kayaking is that it is easy to learn, so it can be a fun pastime for the whole family. It also doesn't have to be very expensive, with some good, basic, used models costing less than $100. If you are interested in taking up kayaking, you'll first want to familiarise yourself with the different types of kayaks. Each one is built and designed for specific purposes and environments.

Recreational Kayaks

If you are looking to paddle around in a leisurely manner on a lake or flat water stream, then the recreational kayak is for you. This is the most popular form of kayaking as it can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The kayak for recreational use has a larger cockpit which allows the paddler to get in and out of the kayak easily. It also has a wider beam that gives the kayak more stability and less potential for capsizing. These kayaks are generally less than 12 feet long and are made from inexpensive materials like polyethylene. There is also limited cargo space on the kayak.

Surf Kayaks

The idea of the surf kayak is to actually surf waves in the ocean. Because of this, the design of the kayak consists of a flat bottom with hard edges, similar to a surf board. There are two different types of surf kayaking: International Class (IC) and High Performance (HP). IC kayaking uses kayaks that have to be at least three metres long with a convex or slightly concave hull without fins. This type of surf kayaking is very smooth and is compared to longboard surfing. IC kayaking uses a smaller kayak that has a lot of nose rocker, sharp rails, flat hulls, little tail rocker and up to four fins. This type of construction allows for greater mobility and maneuverability. Surf boats can be made from anything from heavy plastics to stiff, super light, foam-cored Kevlar.

Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are built to withstand bumping into rocks and fast moving waters. They are constructed from high impact plastic like polyethylene and are made to stay structurally sound in rough water. The plastic hull makes it possible for the kayak to bounce off of rocks without leaking or capsizing. Most whitewater boats range in length from four to ten feet. There are two primary types of whitewater canoe: the playboat and the creekboat. The playboat is a short kayak with a blunt stern and scooped out bow. These boats are highly maneuverable and meant for performing tricks. The creekboat is made for speed, and is more stable and higher-floating. These kayaks are better suited to big rivers where they can easily get through big rapids.

Fishing Kayaks

Another great use of the kayak is for fishing. Many people prefer kayaks over traditional boats because they area light, easy to maneuver and very quiet. Fishing kayaks have much wider beams of up to 90 cm which gives the boat great stability. Some even come equipped with outriggers which allows the individual to stand up and paddle while fishing. This type of kayak will also have more storage space to keep fishing equipment as well as a space for the catch. Many kayak manufacturers have started to offer customised fishing kayaks that fit whatever specs you want. While this is can be an expensive upfront cost, the maintenance cost of kayaks is very low.

Racing Kayaks

Racing kayaks are also known as canoe sprint kayaks and designed to be lightweight and incredibly fast. They are long, narrow, very unstable and usually made from composite materials. There are three different types of racing boats. These are the K-1 (single paddler), K-2 (two paddlers) and K-4 (four paddlers). The K1 is a single paddler  with a maximum length of 17 feet that is meant for flat water racing over courses of 200, 500 and 1000 metres.


The kayaks mentioned above are just a few of many different models and styles of kayaking. There are also many different specialty kayaks and hybrids available such as inflatable kayaks, pedal kayaks, multi-hull and outrigger. Alternatively, if you like traditional forms of kayaking you may want to look into buying a classic canoe for your family.

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